A few weeks ago I sold my smart car of 7+ years. The green on green car while not quick was definitely an attention getter. An era had ended.

I did this interview on Aug 21, 2006 about Camaro coming to the Oshawa plant.

Joe Duarte, Autonet Sr. Editor, and I were interviewed by Janette Luu on Canoe Live discussing the announcement that GM Oshawa will build the new Camaro.

Sun TV – Canoe Live – Aug 21,2006

A new era starts this weekend as I take possession of my own Camaro a yellow with the retro “heritage” wheels. I never dreamed that I would buy the car I was commenting on.


This is my toy. It is a 91 Chevy Sprint Convertible (called a Geo Metro in the US that year). In March 98, I bought this car in pretty rough shape. The list of fixes to the engine and body are very long. The engine required a rebuild as an exhaust valve had burned out. The car had only 113K kilometers on it.
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